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innovation minus protection equals donation™

WHO NEEDS PATENTS, ANYWAY?"When IP matters, it matters a lot.”

White Light Consulting is a leading intellectual property strategy consulting company.

We are expert in the management and commercial exploitation of intellectual assets.

Your IP may include know-how, patents, trademarks, designs, and trade secrets.

We help you to:

  • Identify what IP you have got
  • Determine the best way to protect it
  • Protect your hard-earned innovation from would-be copycats

We can:

  • Make the process of seeking patent protection easy, painless, and low-cost
  • Guide you through the whole process from R&D to granted patent
  • Help you get revenue back from HMRC through R&D tax credits and/or reduce your corporation tax bill through Patent Box

Don’t donate your innovation to someone you don't like


VALUE ADDED IP“But, we don’t have any IP”

No matter what line of business you’re in, you will have IP whether you realise it or not.

As an innovative company, how you can use that IP to add value is a different question and largely depends on what the IP relates to and where it sits within your business.

Many forms of IP are actually free and automatic, there are no legal fees and no registration is required. However, the IP still needs careful curation if it is to add any real value to the business.


COLLABORATION, COLLABORATION, COLLABORATION“Why do we need a patent? We’re never going to sue anyone”

Vanishingly few patents are the subject of any legal action and almost none ever have a day in court.

The majority of patents quietly keep copyists at bay, a ‘Keep Off The Grass’ sign encouraging would-be trespassers politely to pass on by and come up with their own solutions rather than copy yours.

The view that patents are weapons for litigation and mutual annihilation is both short-sighted and out-dated.

Today, patents are used more as instruments for collaboration and cooperation, the reason two parties are talking to each other in the first place.

Andrew Sant

Founder and Managing Director of White Light Consulting Ltd

Andrew has spent over 30 years in the world of technology creation and new product development, taking innovations from idea to money.

White Light Consulting provides its clients with the clarity of vision and expertise of an experienced corporate IP Strategist able to illuminate the often dark and mysterious space that lies at the commercial intersection where business meets technology and IP.

Capturing, protecting, and nurturing ideas is fundamental to any R&D business model, but it is through alignment of the IP strategy with the organisation’s goals and objectives that ultimately secures downstream commercial value.

From Cambridge tech to a Fortune 500 US corporation, Andrew maintains an unblinking focus on adding commercial value through IP exploitation, ensuring that IP is able to earn its keep.

Andrew brings a unique, hands-on perspective to the field of management consulting for IP, able to see the big picture without missing the fine details.