Secrecy Agreements

    The devil is in the detail – don’t get caught out!

    Non-disclosure agreements, secrecy agreements, confidentiality agreements, …whatever you know them by they are all basically the same, …or are they?

    Often taken for granted, the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a binding legal contract that can can have serious consequences for the unwary.

    Fundamentally, the NDA binds the receiving party so that they can neither disclose nor use the confidential information for a set period of time, typically up to 10 years after the disclosure was made.

    Caution!  There is a risk that you may become contaminated by receiving confidential information that later on you wish you had not received.

    Beware!  Many agreements may say ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ at the top of the page, yet in the small print they are anything but.

    Increasingly, companies are introducing IP assignment clauses into their so-called ‘standard’ NDAs assigning any IP to them that may arise during the course of your discussion!

    White Light Consulting can prepare and negotiate NDAs on your behalf that protect your confidential information and at the same time preserve your freedom to operate, preventing you from falling into the “contamination trap”.

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