Freedom to Operate

Navigating the commercial road ahead

If your company designs and develops innovative products then you will be only too aware of the pressures on commercial R&D to get new products to market with limited resources at hand.

The process of implementing even straightforward improvements on existing products can demand significant investments of time and money.

The simple fact is that all companies face similar pressures to achieve commercial returns from their R&D investments.

It is all the more important then the developments that are successfully launched on the market do not face a potential product recall due to infringement of third party IP rights.

A product recall can be extremely expensive and an infringement lawsuit can be devastating, particularly for an SME.

Even basic IP due diligence can save a lot of time and money spent in litigation that could otherwise have been avoided

White Light Consulting can engage with your engineering team during the development process and survey the IP landscape to determine whether the commercialisation road ahead is clear of all discoverable obstacles.

If a potential obstacle is discovered early enough then White Light Consulting can guide the engineering team on an appropriate technical path around it and/or take steps to remove the obstacle altogether.

Don’t leave conducting a Freedom to Operate search until it is too late!

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