Who We Are

    White Light Consulting is a leading intellectual property strategy consulting company, expert in the management and commercial exploitation of intellectual assets.


    We provide companies with hands-on expertise to formulate bespoke IP strategies designed to deliver value against the company’s short-term objectives and aligned with its long-term commercial vision.


    White Light Consulting helps create tangible value from intangible assets.


    Meet the team.

    Intellectual Assets

    In today’s knowledge economy a company’s value mainly resides in its intellectual assets such as know-how, expertise, and trade secrets.  Chief amongst these intellectual assets is the company’s intellectual property rights (IP) such as patents, trademarks, and designs.


    Simply applying for and obtaining IP rights does not in itself create or add commercial value.


    IP rights can be costly to secure and they need to be aligned with the business strategy if they are to be seen as anything other than on-going legal expenses with little or no upside.


    Alignment of the company’s IP with its value proposition and future-proofing the evolution of the business is the domain of the IP Strategist.


    Freedom to Operate

    The road ahead may not be as clear as you think.  Don’t leave checking your Freedom to Operate to the last minute.

    Non-Disclosure Agreements

    Not all NDAs are what they say they are.  Don’t end up assigning your IP or embracing a Trojan Horse.

    UK Patent Box

    A gift from the Tax Man.  Turn your latent inventions into cash and create a virtuous circle of value creation.


    Competitor Intelligence

    Understand and navigate the IP landscape surrounding your business.

    Low-Cost or No-Cost IP

    Find out what the patent attorneys don’t tell you about.

    CIPO Clinic

    All of the experience at a fraction of the price!

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