UK Patent Box

    Convert your latent inventions into hard cash in 3 easy steps!

    If your company pays UK Corporation Tax then you could be benefiting from tax relief down to 10% for any qualifying profits relating to a patented invention.  All revenues relating to a patented invention potentially qualify for tax relief irrespective of how large or small the actual patented invention.

    The tax savings are potentially significant because they apply to worldwide sales, even if there is only a single GB patent, as long as you pay UK Corporation Tax on the related profits.

    White Light Consulting are experienced development engineers and IP specialists and can engage directly with your technical team to identify the latent inventions in your products and processes.  We will then work with some friendly patent attorneys on your behalf to prepare a Patent Box-specific application aimed at an accelerated route through the UK Patent Office (UK IPO) to a granted patent.

    Benefiting from the Patent Box is a simple 3-step process:

    Step 1: Conduct an IP audit to identify potentially patentable inventions that map onto your profit streams

    Step 2: File a Patent-Box specific patent application at the UK Patent Office

    Step 3: File your corporation tax return, make an election to benefit from the Patent Box, and claim tax relief on all patent-related profits

    You will be able to claim for tax relief when the patent is granted but the claim can be back-dated to the filing date of the original application.

    So don’t postpone the decision to take a serious look at the Patent Box – any delay in filing the application is money, your money, left on the table!

    White Light Consulting can help you reinvest your Patent Box tax savings to build an IP portfolio for business protection and future licensing and/or export opportunities.

    The Patent Box creates an opportunity for SMEs to build a virtuous circle of value creation – a self-funding IP portfolio!

    Call White Light Consulting today to arrange a FREE IP Audit and discover which of your latent inventions could potentially unlock significant tax savings