Competitor Intelligence

Who’s got what, where, and when?

At White Light Consulting we know the value that competitor intelligence brings to your business.

As a business leader knowing your competition and having up to date information of where your competitors are spending their R&D dollars is invaluable to forming your own competitive strategy.

Being informed about your own IP portfolio is one thing, but knowing what IP your competitors have, where there are gaps in the landscape, and how your organisation’s IP compares with that of your competitors can be the difference between making a risky business decision and making an insightful and informed business decision.

Planning to undertake an IP landscaping exercise ahead of moving into a new market or technology area can be a cost-effective strategy, particularly if you think that yours may not be the first organisation to cut new turf.

White Light Consulting can help you to understand and navigate the IP landscape surrounding your business towards establishing your market position.

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