Chief IP Officer Clinic

    An Experienced Chief IP Officer at an Affordable Price

    Many companies, particularly SMEs, cannot justify the expense of employing a full-time Manager or Strategist to drive the company’s IP function.

    Sometimes there is just simply not enough volume of work to support a full-time role.  In this situation the IP function is often bolted-on to another full time job with the inevitable consequence that the IP does not get the time and attention that it needs.

    White Light Consulting can provide the strategic expertise and focus on commercial value of an experienced Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO) at a fraction of the price.

    Once the domain of only large and well-capitalised companies, SMEs can now benefit from their own virtual CIPO from just £500 per month.

    Call White Light Consulting today to arrange your first no-obligation CIPO Clinic absolutely FREE!